A lot of ideas don’t make it past reviews, and if they do there’s a fair chance that they’ll get shot down by the client. We all know that for some ideas you’d give your right arm just to see them get made. But unfortunately we also know that you can’t come up with these gems all of the time. We’re only human.

We talked a lot about these mixed emotions. The frustration not to get your ideas made on the one hand and on the other the anger you feel when you just can’t crack that brief.

And then we thought: why not turn two negatives into one positive and help each other out? So we created this website where advertising creatives can post their unwanted but nevertheless brilliant ideas and allow fellow creatives (or even account handlers or clients for that matter) to steal them for a chance to actually make them happen.

All ideas on this website are free to use as long as their new co-owners credit the creative(s) who posted the idea. That’s not much to ask for, isn’t it?

IDEAS TO STEAL.TODAY  Where your ideas get a second chance.




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